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Albatros Tow Dio


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This is a project I started about 6mo ago when Richard released the Marienfelde lorry and I'm hoping to finish the darn thing in the next 6!




Another photo from the same day:



I'll be using the Pheon Albatros volume 3 sheet, though I'm considering changing which specific aircraft I'll be using from the sheet, maybe red/white to add some more colour. 


In addition to the Aviattic Marienfelde and Wingnut Albatros, I'll be using some 3d-printed crew figures from shapeways, a nearly-ready base from ODG studios made to my dimensions which will depict a street with streetcar tracks alongside a trench.  Paul Keefe has mastered the base which will be available from ODG studios in coming months, it looks absolutely superb and allows for many potential displays from multiple time periods. I'm told the rail lines match the gauge of the Mini Art trams.




To make the Albatros look a bit busier, I'll add Bo Monroe's 3d-printed Albatros fuel tank (possibly wheels as well), HGW belts & resin seat, Barracuda intake manifold, Taurus valves/lifters/timing gear, and HGW photo-etch for the engine. 





And finally, the progress as it stands on the Marienfelde and Albatros.  The Marienfelde is about 95% complete at the moment, it needs some final smart parts added plus and some touch-up work.  For the Albatros, I've removed the inner wing stubs from the lower wings and glued these to the fuselage sides. I've also removed the nose cowl ring from one side and will shortly do the same to the other side. No other work has been completed on the Albatros.









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