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Upgraded my workspace

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Nice!  Wish I could keep mine looking that tidy!


time for some "fine dining!"


Yep...time to start making a mess again (still struggling with the WGr.21 atm).



The new dining table...and chairs and lamp :)

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Thanks guys!


Yeah...I love the Tivoli!

We got the Model One 20 years ago (still doing it's thing nicely!). I got the Model Two from my wife last year.


I'm now weeding through the mess in my cupboards and (stash) cabinet.

It's amazing how much useless junk...gathered over the years...I already binned. I'm trying hard to create space.


Over 30 years old Humbrol paint jars, models started...never to be finished, scrap boxes, dead paint brushes, rusty old tools, old decal sheet scraps, manuals...you name it!


I'll try to be more organized from now on. Start building from the stash instead of buying more will be a good start  :unsure:

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