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Champagne and Cognac! Are you served?

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Champagne & Cognac Bottles with Crates




Miniart 1:35

(Buildings and accessories series)


MiniArt is well known manufacture that have in the past years marking a set of quality and originality.


This particular set is no different as quality and originality are present.


Packed in a standard cardboard box with side flip open. But don’t let you fool by the size of the box… you have inside 276 parts… yes 276 parts divided in 12 sprues for crates and 17 sprues with bottles.










The crates are quite amazing in detail, as that was possible but yes... but each grade has 11 parts… so to make 6 crates you will need 66 parts.


The bottles to fill the crates, you get 4 types of bottles (two dark an two green).

















To help to give several contents to those bottles a nice printed decal sheet with several logos of brands of champagne and cognac for the bottles and for the cranes.


These are with very good registration and color pigment.




The instructions for building and decals are on the back of the box and are quite straightforward.






A great set for all types of subjects in 1:35 and even 1:32 and It´s can be used all at once or in several dioramas or vignettes so it’s a great value for what you get… 276 parts to get  6 crates full of bottles!



VERY Highly recommended


Francisco Guedes


Our thanks to MiniArt for the review samples.

Available in any good model shop.




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