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ME-109 E4 Eduard with lots of AM

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Hi Fellow-Modellers,


this is not only my first project of the year, it is also the premiere build in my new house after my modlling stuff got shipped 3000 miles and last but not least it is my first WIP.

I hope you enjoy the ride and I would be pleased if I could get a piece of your knowledge if questions arise.


The Subject of the build will be a 1/32 ME-BF109 E4 made by Eduard and added with a DB-601 engine and gun bay made from resin.

The setting will be an all open maintenance display on a grassy airfield.


The first hours happend to be in a lot of dust as I cleaned all the resin parts from their stubs, for me a nerv tangeling work, because it is so easy to break something important as the pour stubs sometimes are big and in difficult to cut areas. But that is history now, everything worked well.


The details of the parts is exquisite and the kit engine is really no match. The cowlings are unbelievable thin and have all the inward details.



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