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Another little gem as you are staying with the Brits and again nice attention to detail. I like the exhausts and the plumbing. What have the issues with the decals been? I try to avoid kit decals and use masks for roundels and letters. For some future builds I will have a shot on HGW wet transfers and hope for better results.

Cheers Rob

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Hi Rob

i found that the Tamiya decals are quite thick and dont respond well to decal softeners.

this happened


it started to "crack" and break apart. so i decided to try some roundel masks instead. HGW wet transfers are definitely the way to go

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I had the same problem on my Tamiya Spit and had to use some aftermarket ones which worked well. Personally I think that Tamiya's decals are the weak part of a fantastic package. But could also be a matter of personal preference.



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