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MARU 5137

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On BBC 2 there is a program called Autumn Watch and this year THEY have decided to broadcast from NEW ENGLAND.


check this out.


BBC Two - Autumnwatch, 2018, Autumnwatch New England: Meet the cast!



BBC Two - Autumnwatch, 2018, This flying squirrel visited our wildlife cameras last night



MARY  5137...

{maybe the flying squirrel should be In " I'm  a bad boy".:rofl:  }.

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Hello Guys... hope you enjoy this  Rare Chinese Mandarin Duck that graced the Bautiful New York City and its Central Park. 

New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor Is This Beautiful Duck


What  gorgeous  plummage  it has....:wub:

Watch "Mandarin duck in Central Park fascinates and delights".




Peter I am sure you had an  AMAZING time....  Enjoy your life Peter is what I say.



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