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MiG-25PB finishes in Soviet Service


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12 hours ago, Ivan Ivanovich said:

Metal. More precisely, VNS-4 grade tempered corrosion resistant steel.

Some PD/PDS and BM models depicted unpainted wing and horizontal tail leading edges. Reason: mainly cosmetic.



Leading and trailing edges are good!  I can foil them with little fear of peeling.

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I appreciate the help.  Of course, the missus could foil my plan by not getting me the item at the top of my Christmas wish list. 

For her part, she doesn't have a wish list, which forces me to fumble about trying to get her a gift.

Housewares don't apply, because she says they are for the house.   Why can't wimmin be simple to buy for??  Dammit.   She doesn't knit, do pottery, or collect knick-knacks.  She got overstocked on perfume last year and I teched her up with the new Ipad last year.  That pretty much leaves jewelry.  Hell, she barely even drinks!



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On 12/3/2018 at 12:13 AM, Bomber_County said:

Gaz, How about a spa day or similar.......

I leave that one for the daughter to get her.  But thanks for the suggest.   Part of the gift giving ritual is to talk with other rellies about what they want to buy so there aren't any duplicates.





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