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SUV vs 172


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There are probably a few contributing factors at play here, although the poor Student Pilot is the only truly innocent party.

The Driver should have stopped. But did she even know she was on an Airfield? The sign is poorly done, and there don't seem to be any corroborating signs to advise that she's meant to give way to Aircraft, and not Vehicles. 

Hopefully, everyone learned from the exercise.

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Yep. The student pilot was completely innocent.  And his wife was standing right there filming the entire thing.   I'm not buying the driver's excuse.  In Texas, aviation is a way of life.  We have aircraft manufacturers all around, everyone knows someone working at Lockheed Martin, LTV (previous), Convair (previous) NAA (previous), Mooney, Bell Helicopter, you name it. 

How on EARTH do you miss seeing an airplane?   I've driven that road, and roads like it often enough, and believe me, you're VERY aware you're on airport land. There are much better warning signs up at all airports now, and if you must cross the threshold of a runway, you're well aware of that fact.  If that 172 had been a Chieftain or a 421, the automobile driver would have been DOA.

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I think a couple of big red octagons would have been more difficult to miss.



Maybe a plane X-ing sign:



Mebbe they were reading another sign:



Or this one:



Or perhaps distracted by the thought of a cool drink:



I'm not excusing anyone except the pilot, and all images for discussion only of course.




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Given that nobody was hurt too badly, I was able to enjoy the woman SUV passenger's emphatic declaration that "we did NOT pull out in front of an airplane": one would think that they'd just had an experience which proved exactly the opposite!


Remarkable the things of which people can convince themselves ...

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