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AK's new weathering pencils


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14 minutes ago, TJTX said:

Interesting.   Is there really a difference between these and other colored pencils I could get at an art store?

Well...  I don't think regular art pencils respond to water, or blend very well with a dry brush.  I've used them for small scratches and stuff.  But not found them useful for much else,

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Thanks.  I've never messed with the fancier colored pencils available at places like Hobby Lobby, so I was not sure if these were the same or not.  They might certainly be worth a try. 

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There are many more uses for these than those shown in the video.

For instance, I use a half acrylic pencil / half Tamiya acrylic paint black solution over Tamiya AS12 silver spray can base. This is less hardy than an all-paint coating, the pencil component imparts a fragility to the coverage. While the solution is half dry, you can scratch at the surface to reveal the silver underneath, or buff the black with a cloth after it's set to have the silver show through like the top coat is wearing through. These techniques of course can be used with any top colour, not only black. A diluted solution is also excellent for panel washes, as the excess can be simply erased.

I'm currently using a mix of basic Children's watercolour pencils, but dedicated sets like these look fantastic!


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