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Decal manufacturing for 1/32 scale Decals

Gunner Mike

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I would like to provide the research, photos etc. for 3, AD-4 Skyraiders aboard USN carriers during the Korean War. 1/32 scale. One of these will be "501" from VA-195 from 1952. I am not sure about the others. I do not have the graphix knowledge, manufacturing skills or equipment to do the production of the actual decals. I do not want to get in the "business" . 

So, if there are any decal companies or individuals who would be interested in this venture, please contact me off-line. All I am looking to get out of this is maybe 3 or 4 sheets when they are available. I would hope that we could do this within 60 days. 

Please contact me direct at jmwitous@aol.com 



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Good luck, honestly


Whilst there are a couple of mask manufacturers out there who do one offs at the same price as an EagleCals sheet, I can't think I've ever heard of similar for genuine decals


I just don't think the technology is out there so that you can make decals sheets in mega short runs at a cost anyone but the obsessed with a single subject would tolerate


Would love to proven wrong, as I have a couple subjects I'd love to see done myself ;)

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No really,


It's not that bad. Fantasy Print Shop's minimum run is 25 A4 sheets, which when quartered gives 100 regular sized decal sheets. Granted, it's not the 3 or 4 sheets the O/P asked about, but put half a dozen options on the sheet and you might be able to sell the rest, or at least enough to break even.




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