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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Pacific War Group Build

Dave J

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Gents, a question: Would it be all right if I did a "Mustang Blanda" as opposed to Brad's "Mustang Jepang"? I know that strictly speaking it would be outside the GB parameters, as the aircraft would have Dutch rosettes which were re-introduced in 1946. I could do a Mustang from August 1945 as they were ready to be delivered to the ML-KNIL in Australia but if you think the operational P-51's in Dutch service were boring, then you'haven't seen the delivery scheme!




Please give your opinions!



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Well my Mustangs have arrived. Ill have to go through all my decals and figure out how Ill do either a pacific F-6 or a P-51K which I have the props for. Most likely it will be the Hasegawa kit as I want to use my Tamiya kit for Cripes'a Mighty 3rd. any how Ill look through the threads here and get a good feel how things will go before I do something drastic. ;)

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Since I have the Jug done I am going to concentrate on this and the old Spit, I spent most of the morning and half of the afternoon just finishing up the office and the dash. I stippled the seat a bit to show some texture and it came out pretty good. All I did was put some poor mans Mr Surfacer, which I have pretty thick like liquid styrene (which it is), and I just dabbed some on the seat cushion and shot some yellow on it. Today I even went and did some pe origami and got those belts on also.





I feel relaxed now because the hectic Jug build is out of the way. I hope this comes out better than that did.

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