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Pacific War Group Build

Dave J

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We are proud to announce the next LSM Group Build... The Pacific War!


With the upcoming 1/32 aircraft release from Tamiya, I am sure many modellers will be itching to start their 1/32 F4U Corsair/s when it hits the doorstep!


So let LSM help you with that itch! The Pacific War Group Build will run for 12 months, kicking off on the 1st August 2013 and running through to 31st July 2014...


Please find the rules below, any questions feel free to post them here!

Pacific Group Build Rules.


  •  This Group Build will also include the China-Burmese-India War subjects. Any Aircraft and/or Armour (1/35 or above) subject that served in Japanese invasion of China from 7th July 1937 to 2nd September 1945 (VJ Day - based on the US definition with the signing of Japan's surrender document) is permitted. (Armour is classed as any wheeled or tracked military vehicle).


  • Dioramas, figures and related Pacific War items are also permissible but only in conjunction with an aircraft and or armour build.
  • Any media can be used along with any after market additions. Scratch building is also permitted or you can simply build OOB.
  • A works in progress thread must be opened for each separate entry.
  • Multiple entries into the Group Build are allowed so long as they each adhere to the other criteria.
  • Projects that are more than 10% in progress will not be allowed. If you are unsure as to what constitutes 10% of your total build please ensure you ask before participating so a decision can then be made.
  • All members, including staff are eligible to participate.
  • A completed builds section will be opened for all entries eligible. You must submit your build(s) to that section with no more than 10 photos allowed for each separate build.


  • Please remember the good nature and intent of the forum, its members and staff at all times. If there is anything you are unsure of please inform one of the staff immediately so that it can be dealt with promptly.


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That will be pretty epic Matt! Your salt weathering will come in very handy for that sun baked paint job!


I will be Kicking off with a Trumpeter Hellcat... Not sure if will be a F6F-3 or a F6F-5 yet...


But I have my schemes in mind already!


F6F-3, No.17, Lt Richard Stambook, VF-27, USS Princeton, Oct 1944.






F6F-5, "Death n Destruction", BuNo# 72534, Ensigns Donald McPherson, Bill Kingston, Jr., and Lyttleton Ward, VF-83, USS Essex, May 5th 1945.



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I've not looked at the Trumpy Dauntless that closely. With a big greenhouse like that plane has how good is the kit supplied detail in the office?


I think the Trumpeter did a good job on the pit... I will be only adding some harness to mine, when I get around to it.

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Will I be the only one building something without wings lol................Harley Davidson in 1/9th scale will be my box of delights for this GB  :sofa: 


I am sure Paul will come along with a Sherman!

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Thank you for the advice, Matt.

I've no special scheme or marking in mind.

I've the Trumpeter 1/32 kit in the stash with Guadalcanal and VF-6 USS Enterprise schemes.

But I'm open to another scheme and markings.

Any suggestion?



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Would I be pushing the rules a little too much to put in an Indonesian marked Ki-61 Tony from the Indonesian War of Independance? It did start on August 17th 1945 but it's unlikely they saw combat before September 2nd, if at all.

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