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1/32 Pacific Coast Fiat G55 COMPLETED

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First project in months.

This is not an easy kit, but with some effort it really looks good.

And you have some colourful marking options.


Decals are on and the first weathering with the airbrush is done.

Also a protective coat of Tamiya clear is on.


Now the rest of the weathering.








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Guest styrenedemon

That's a absolutely hideous airplane, but I'm going to have to grab one some day so I can do that scheme.


This is some really excellent work and I can't wait to see more of it.

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same camo/marking schemes, yet two different finishes and both beautiful renderings.  Doogs' your G55 was one of the most enjoyable WIP's I have ever followed.  It's great how a build can be a supply of angst yet in the end turn out so rewarding. 


the lines of this aircraft are just elegant.  agreed Ken, in the hands of a good pilot the G55 was a very worthy opponent.  I believe Kurt Tank evaluated and gave the G55 good performance marks.

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thanks guys


and Doug , your G55 looks fabulous !!


Ken , these are great kits, not so easy but very rewarding


did some extra weathering with the airbrush , now it looks better (to me ;) )

next is the weathering with the oil paints


any advise for the next steps ??









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