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Revell Westland Lysander, thoughts?

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Oldie but goldie. It started life as a Matchbox kit. So you get waht you should expect from an old Matchbox kit: some surface details on the heavy side, sometimes marginal fit, and a level of detailing that could be better given the scale, size, and glass-house.

It can be made, with TLC, into a great rendition. But do not expect a Tamiyesque build.


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2 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

I also wanted to build a Lysander, so after a bit of research I went for this from Eduard. It’s a rebooting of something or other with additional AM. I haven’t built it yet but on inspection of the sprues, I reckon this will build up ok........


The Eduard Lizzie is 1/48 ..., whereas the Revell/Matchbox is 1/32 ...


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18 hours ago, [CAT]CplSlade said:

As ICM have a Gloster Gladiator, how unlikely is it they might take on a Lysander to add to their growing line of early WWII planes?

Indeed. ICM has been releasing real jems. 

I can wait until my Shelf Of Doom is completed. 

The Eduard kit is very tempting. 

Breathe, breathe......

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