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Douglas B-26B-50 Invader (Korean War) from ICM - 1/48th


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3 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Spotted this on Modelling News, something different and a different theatre of operations. Looks very intriguing.


I agree , Phil looks VERY interesting, and has potential for all sorts of ideas, but it seems a little bit pricey, or am I just out of touch? I'm sure going to be interested in seeing some of these built

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By all accounts I have read it's a nice kit, ICM has really stepped up their game the past few years with their new tool Dorniers, Ju 88s and He 111s. I built their Do 215 and liked it a lot. They are supposed to release the kit in a WWII variant and possibly a Vietnam variant as well and I'm going to wait to see what those are like before I pull the trigger.

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