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B & W Overlord RAF footage.

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As one of my D-Day family connections. The first was that my Father was an RN Lieutenant Engineer on a US built LST. and the second
more poignant link is this one below. ( it may interest some of the many Canadians here )
My mothers twin sister, Nancy Mackay ( my Aunt), was one of the WAAF plotters at Biggin Hill, While there, She met and became engaged to Lloyd Chadburn, Wing Commander Lloyd Vernon Chadburn. Chadburn was the decorated RCAF air Ace https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lloyd_Chadburn
in 1944, he was sent back to Canada for a War Bond drive.
Unknown by Lloyd, Nancy was pregnant with their child. As they did then, the RAF would assist by sending any pregnant girl out to one of their RAF medical homes to have their child, and arranged any adoption.
Lloyd, or “Chad”, returned back to the UK and tried to contact Nancy at Biggin Hill. due a series of errors in communications, someone on the other end of the telephone line, told him, that Nancy had since married a Naval Officer. ( there were two Nancys in the WAAFs plotting pool at Biggin Hill )
In the lead up to D-Day, Chad was appointed wing commander of Number 127 Wing RCAF
On Tuesday 13 June 1944, Chadburn's Spitfire collided with a Spitfire flown by Frank Clark of 421 Squadron. http://www3.sympatico.ca/angels_eight/421black.html
For the child, only later in the 90’s did he realise his paternity.
For me, this Aunt, (my mothers Twin), always very fond of me as I grew up. 
I only discovered recently, that my name, was the same she also gave her son before he was adopted out.
This real son, under a different name, grew up to become a UK nuclear sub physicist, never quite made the family connections until later in his life, and once connected could never resolve it enough to prevent his own suicide, although, before his death he attended memorials to his father in Canada and also got to fly in a fly passenger in some Merlin engined aircraft.
I have found a great 1/48 scale model of one of Chads Spitfires, by Serge Dompierre


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On 12/6/2019 at 3:12 AM, Jeff said:

WOW Iain, that is a HELL of a connection...............yes LVC is highly revered here in Canada, and is well known to us Spitfire guys......  that is really interesting, thanks so much for sharing that.....

I've found some links online, but there are only a few still working from when I first looked.
If anyone has any more they would be most appreciated.

this last one has a video buried at the end of the page that shows at the end Chadburn as the middle of 3 pilots.


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