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1:32 scale - Port Victoria P.V.7 'Grain Kitten'

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Hi all,
The finished 1:32nd scale model of the Port Victoria PV.7 'Grain Kitten'.
A prototype 'disposable' fighter, intended to be launched from towed pontoons or ship mounted platforms in the English Channel.
The intention was to intercept Zeppelins, that were attacking England, whilst they were still out over the sea.
At the end of the flight, the pilot was to ditch in the sea, then somehow get out of this tiny aircraft and probably at night - brave men indeed,
Needless to say the PV.7 and it's sister the Port Victoria PV.8 'Eastchurch Kitten' never went into operational service.

As usual, a fully detailed build log, in PDF format, will be available to download from my site (Gallery 2) - (site link below).


PS: The slack landing wire (left side) has been tightened.











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Your little Kitten looks fabulous, like your other works. Beside the great work, I like how you finish your work and emphasize on the materials a lot. Faces are matte, leather partly shiny, …. I try that on my builds too, because it enhances the result beautifully, but it's not easy to achieve.

Cheers Rob

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