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WILDE SAU Episode One: Ring of Fire - Eduard 1:48


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WILDE SAU Episode One: Ring of Fire


Eduard Limited Edition #11140

1:48 Scale plastic Kit DUAL COMBO


(Quick Review)


 It’s been quite some time that I don’t get my hands in a Eduard model kit. Well probably since 2014, nothing against Eduard, by the contrary, but I was in another modelling wave.

 When I saw this combo package announced I knew that I would have to have it.

 Its arrived this week… excited..

First impression is WOW!!!

 The boxart is beautfitull with the most famous Bf109 from JG300.

This package is exclusive with Bf-109 G-5 and G-6 from JG 300, JG 301 and JG302 in the Natchjagd and the Reichverteidigung. As you can see, its says: “Episode one”.

That give us a quite clear clue that this is not going to be the only one in this series.

Surprise: Eduard already answer to that:

“The second volume of this trilogy kit will be called WILDE SAU Episode Two: The GHOST HUNTERS, and will be dedicated to the Bf 109G-14/AS and G-10, while the final installment of the series will be called WILDE SAU Episode Three: The FINAL COUNTDOWN. The latter will be dedicated to various versions of the Fw 190. The threevolumes will be released with about a year’s interval.”

Just like the Lord of the Ring Trilogy, these WILDE SAU are for sure a most have for lots of modelers, and It’s definitely for me.            


Wilde Sau its very well know between modelers even those that are not very familiar with WWII and with Luftwaffe in particulary, specially its badge.




Speaking of it, one of the bonus of this release is a pin with Wilde Sau badge. Its really cool.




Cracking the box, theres lots of plastic and goodies inside enough for two completed models.




The plastic parts ae from the eduard Bf-109 G-6 that have been very well scrutinized over the years. This is the “correct version- retolled” with almost no issues. To see all the points and tiny issues, please check Brett Green  2016 review on Hyperscale, here.

 Nothing more to says regarding accuracy of the fantastic model. Some I will make a brief look of the parts as that would a little waste of time.

 Anyway, you got two of each sprue so you can make two complete Bf109.


























The rivets and surface details are fantastic indeed taking the injection model technology to the limit.

On thing I notice is that a quite substantial number of parts are marked “not for use” so there`s a lot less of parts that I thought that will be in use.


The PE is mostly for the cockpit with a nice multi-layered instrument panel, coloured harness straps and other coloured details.. The detail is exquisite as usual in Eduard PE.



 The mask is a must in all Eduard profipack box! 



I will take a little more attention to the extra goodies that this dual pack brings

The first goodie are the main wheels. Two sets of two wheels in a perfect resin casting with exquisite detail, being a very good upgrade of the original parts.



The other resin part include is Eberspächer" acoustic pipe for the B version , a Bf-109 G-6/R6 (flow by Fw. Horts John, 3./JGJG300 Bonn-Hangelar, Germany, September 1943.











So in the reality, beside the PE fret for both aircraft, the resin goodies are the wheels for two aircrafts, as the pipe it`s only for the B scheme.


The decal sheet is quite huge and contains 10 markings form JG300, JG301 and JG302.

A) Bf 109G-6/R6, flown by Lt. Gerhard Pilz, 1./JG 300, Bonn-Hangelar, Germany, Autumn 1943

B) Bf 109G-6/R6, flown by Fw. Horst John, 3./JG 300, Bonn-Hangelar, Germany, September 1943

C) Bf 109G-6/R6, flown by Oblt. Gerhard Stamp, CO of 8./JG 300, Oldenburg, Germany, September – October 1943

D) Bf 109G-6/R6, flown by Ofw. Arnold Döring, 2./JG 300, Bonn-Hangelar, Germany, October – November 1943

E) Bf 109G-5/R6, 3./JG 300, Bad Wörishofen, Germany, Summer 1944

F) Bf 109G-6/R6, flown by Oblt. Alexander Graf Rességuier de Miremont, 10./JG 301, Targsorul-Nord (Ploesti), Romania, March – April 1944

G) Bf 109G-6/R6, W. Nr. 412951, flown by Lt. Horst Prenzel, 1./JG 301, Gardelegen, Germany, July 1944

H) Bf 109G-6/R6, 2./JG 302, Helsinki, Finland, February 1944

I) Bf 109G-6, flown by Fw. Fritz Gniffke, 6./JG 302, Ludwigslust, Germany, April 1944

J) Bf 109G-6, 2./JG 302, Götzendorf, Germany, July 1944

























 And Eduard just announced that they will release others schemes in their new line of decals. Just Perfect!


The instructions are typical Eduard from quite some years, so they are quite clear even with some many sub-version that will take extra attention.












            This is a superb dual combo limited edition release from Eduard. I always had a soft spot for the Nacthjadger and specially JG300 (one of my most precious detail set is from Eagle Editons with several schemes from JG300), so I had to have this release.

The model itself has been proving his quality since 2016 around the modelling world so we know what you can expected for this of quality.

The new decals sheets and the resin goodies, alongside the beautiful box art, makes this limited edition a perfect edition in all senses.

Very Very Highly Recommend.


My truly thanks to Eduard for producing this model and to my bank account for this beauty.










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