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BF 109F Fuselage Stiffeners


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Good morning Gentlemen.


My first comment in this forum, hope I can learn with you and share our hobby with satisfaction.

I'm starting a Bf 109F-1 as SC+GW, Werner Molders, but with a relic...a Revell 1/32 kit from the seventies...it was a gift (???!!!) from a friend and I just want to see what I can acomplish with modern modeling technics.


Anyway one question arises...in the tail section the "Frirdrick" had some hard vibration problems, that lead to loss of al the tail in flight. The F1 and F2 had two stiffener braces on each side of the tail section, these stiffeners can be seen in various images. I believe it was deleted with the F4 when the tail had its structure revised.

I dont see tese stiffeners neither in my old Revell it nor in this one by Matt. Have I lost sometinhg or the factories lost this detail?


One final note: please forgive my poor English...I'm kind of rusty, just trying to do my best. Any comments are welcome!

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Hi Ítalo,


I split your question from the Matt's build thread, as it would get more attention as a separate post. I hope you don't mind!


From my understanding the Stiffners were added up a point in the F-4 production...


I would say you would need to add this detail to your build, but more knowlegde people will be a long soon and will be able to answer your question!


Looking forward to your build.



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Hi Ítalo,


We have learned many new things since the original Revell 1/32nd scale Bf109F model kit was released. Among these things, is an itemised breakdown of the actual early 109F airframes which were either modified or built with the external stiffeners fitted. One of these airframes was MTT Regensburg built W.Nr.5628, with the stammkennzeichen "SG+GW"... The Bf109F-1 of Major Werner Mölders.


However, this airframe was first manufactured without the external stiffeners, which were only added later after their use became necessary. Photos of the airframe with the stammkennzeichen visible do not show them, but later views with the chevrons and full rudder victory tally show them fitted by this stage. So, you have a choice of whether to put them on your model or not, depending on the paint scheme and time frame that you choose.



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