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  1. Beautiful. Relatively quick, too!
  2. That is looking most excellent. I spent a little time with NASM's A-0 "102" a few years back documenting the engine installations and cockpit. Truly a remarkable machine! You have rendered it well.
  3. Leipzig sector chart... these got a bit of water damage at some point but I think I have them preserved ok for the future.
  4. I did build a Monogram A-26C, withe 386th BG markings... starting to get a grip on my airbrush and nmf finish. Have the ICM with decals for one he flew, in line for build. I visited St Truiden in 2015, looked just like the 1945 photos!
  5. I have several of these charts my uncle gave me, issued to him when he flew A-26s at St. Trond. Framed them in my library amongst many pics of that time, early 1945. Great idea... (again!)
  6. That is a great theme... anxious to see this unfold.
  7. So instead of pre shade, just a bit more paint laid on panel lines?
  8. But we like it when it peels off...
  9. Jeroen, this is a perfect compliment to the Ta-152 project! Love it...Brian
  10. Wouter, Fabulous job, photos really well done. No words adequately describe your effort!
  11. Thus was worth the wait... great work.
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