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  1. That is looking most excellent. I spent a little time with NASM's A-0 "102" a few years back documenting the engine installations and cockpit. Truly a remarkable machine! You have rendered it well.
  2. Leipzig sector chart... these got a bit of water damage at some point but I think I have them preserved ok for the future.
  3. I did build a Monogram A-26C, withe 386th BG markings... starting to get a grip on my airbrush and nmf finish. Have the ICM with decals for one he flew, in line for build. I visited St Truiden in 2015, looked just like the 1945 photos!
  4. I have several of these charts my uncle gave me, issued to him when he flew A-26s at St. Trond. Framed them in my library amongst many pics of that time, early 1945. Great idea... (again!)
  5. That is a great theme... anxious to see this unfold.
  6. So instead of pre shade, just a bit more paint laid on panel lines?
  7. But we like it when it peels off...
  8. Jeroen, this is a perfect compliment to the Ta-152 project! Love it...Brian
  9. Wouter, Fabulous job, photos really well done. No words adequately describe your effort!
  10. Thus was worth the wait... great work.
  11. This is turning out to be PE bonanza! Really nice work there Danny.
  12. yep... some heavy mojo apparent here. Beautiful!
  13. I was confident you could do it with effective subtle method... ausgezeichnet!
  14. It's crazed really badly. Get some 600 grit on it. I sat in it and closed it. The windscreen is better, yellowed w delamination evident. You cannot go by the pics on it.
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