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  1. Well it less than a month to go and just wondering if anyone is still going? Mike
  2. What is the website that has all the model kit instructions on it? Thanks, Mike
  3. Which of the above are the better detailed sets? Looking at getting a couple and the price difference is a lot. Mike
  4. Will do. It is still shrink wrapped. It is not the thunderbird kit. Mike
  5. With 3 1/2 months to go was wondering who is still going? Looks to be a pretty good convention.
  6. Registration is starting tomorrow at 9am cst. Hope to see you all there! Mike
  7. I have the above kit for sale with shipping for $160.00. It is still shrink wrapped. shipping is for USA, lower 48 only. Thanks for looking, Mike
  8. I am looking for the detailing parts for the canopy frame. sorry for not being more specific? Mike
  9. I am missing the canopy parts for my Sufa kit. If anybody has any extras or parts you are not going to use let me know. Thanks, Mike
  10. Does anyone make the above decals? I am looking to start my build but am looking to get the decals first. Thank you, Mike
  11. Good evening, just curious with a little over 7 months to go, was wondering if the list of those going has gotten any bigger. Looking forward to meeting everyone, Mike
  12. Here is my contribution to the raffle: colors and markings vol 8 -F-14 squadron in action 1105 - F-14 detail and scale vol 9 - F-14 colors and markings vol 2 - F-14 Mike
  13. I understand one of the Wildcats had shape issues. Which one was it? I am looking to getting one. Mike
  14. I am in for both giving and receiving. Mike
  15. There might be a space for you too! Mike
  16. I will be there on Tuesday through Sunday. I might have a floor for you on Wednesday! Mike
  17. The hotel links are hot for reservations. Rooms are going fast. www.ipmsusa2022.com Mike
  18. Looks like it is the MCID intakes. mike
  19. I have the Tamiya F-16, which intake/exhaust do I use. Not a rivet counter so not concerned about the landing gear. Thanks for your input. Mike
  20. What is a good color match for the above paint? I am going to start my ME-262 and I need this color of paint. Thanks, Mike
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