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  1. I would like to get one but will wait to see what the actual kit looks like when somebody has it in hand! Mike
  2. I am starting to collect the am I will need for my project. I noticed brassin has 2 wheel sets out there, which one would be correct an 8 or 9 hole front wheel? I am looking at their masking set but it does not say if it is for a D or J? I know what kits world decal set I am getting (sleepy). Thanks for your assistance, Mike
  3. What is the correct color for a B-24 on the Polesti raid? Thanks, Mike
  4. To the squirrel brigade!
  5. I am in need of the following parts for my Sufa build: K3, K43, K48, K46, K47, K74, K63 and K64 I have missiles for trade. Thanks for looking Mike
  6. Here are some pics of the two builds I am working on: The skyraider is a Trumpeter kit and the Phamtom is Tamiya with speed hunter Graphics decals. Mike
  7. Spruebrothers got a restock on these decals. The Texas ANG F-4 will be my next F-4 ANG project.
  8. Well I am spending a lot of time building. Working on my Skyraider and F-4D. Watching a lot of the Hallmark channel also. Going got long walks everyday to get some fresh air. Mike
  9. The only kit I would like to get is a 1/32 Helldiver in plastic. Mike
  10. Category sponsorship is now open.
  11. I am looking for the Texas Part of this decal sheet. mike
  12. How do you thin the above paint so you can airbrush it? Mike
  13. Here are some in progress pics of my A-1. I will be building the “Sopwith Camel” of Capt Drury. Sorry for the bad pics. I hate these planes with the folding wing option! Mike
  14. I have an A-1J Skyraider on the bench, I will try and send some pics this weekend, Mike
  15. A lot of limitations here in Wisconsin as to how many people can be together. I am of the age that is at most risk so I am going to stay in and build some models.
  16. Registration is now open for the convention. mike
  17. The earliest I have seen the show was July 4th. Mike
  18. What color should I paint the cockpit, I was thinking interior green. The other area is the tail wheel interior, this area I have no idea. Any and all advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  19. We plan on being there also. mike
  20. What squadrons flew with this mod on their F-4s? Mike
  21. Are these better than the kit part? Mike
  22. When did you guys want to do our dinner, Friday or Saturday night? One more thing, do you want to do our meet and greet again this year? Mike
  23. So is this the place for our get together meal! Never to early to plan. We are really looking forward to this nationals. Mike
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