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  1. Hi People, Quick Update : worked on my base colors, sort of rust mapping on the hull. Here another sneak peek (exclusively for LSM) : Thanks for checking in ! Best, laurent
  2. Fantastic subject and damn nice/neat work ! Looking forward to seeing it completed. I assume great creativity for the final layout...
  3. Awesome review. You made me get one too...
  4. Hi there, Working a combo ; the latest bronco typeXXIII and the Trump. SSyms transportation wagon (built and primed 4or5 years ago or so). I am more working on the accessories more than on anything else. For the sub, hull was completed and cut in 3 sections : bow, center and stern. Decided to start the stern section and i will focus on a rust paint-work. The wagon will be in an almost "clean" 2 colors livery. Jigs n'stuff in one nice industrial yellow. Display is part of a dry-dock made out of styrene sheets/beams and salt, on a wooden base. Sneak peek... More soon. Thanks for checking in ! Best, laurent
  5. Always wondered how good the kit was. Great start Rick ! Will follow.
  6. Hi people, Wanted to share a twix of previews with you. It will be published in the coming TWM#20 issue. What-if, with focus on camouflage. Thanks for checking in Best, Laurent
  7. Hi. Had of bit of bits n'pieces. I am wondering : On the hydraulic cylinder > 1 or 2 electro valves ? I mean one for the incoming pressure and one for the out-coming pressure ? If you have any info feel free. Thanks Started a week ago and made the pics today. Piping for all the Hydro. cylinders, and a new pressurized air bottle. Ready for the booth. Next pics will be on blue background... Thanks for checking in ! Best, laurent.
  8. Hi, Started the very well known Nurflügel German subject. AM : HGW's seat-belts. Sources : A.L. Bentley drawings (scale 1:16) the best source ever for those who know how to read a plan. THE projekt : Pushing the detailing as far as possible. Livery : No clue. Will see later. Wood and metal..........maybe. Enough said. The box... Following the notice, first step is the Jumo 004 twin build. I wanted the pipe systems to be subassemblies for a better painting. I glued/blank-mounted them on the compression section. the 2 sets are glued on a spec. jig, preventing the thin pipes from braking and further on for the painting process. More very soon. Thanks for checking in. Best, laurent.
  9. Hi there, Another great surprise when i was at the "Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace". Free use/share/whatever... No copyrights. Enjoy Best, laurent.
  10. You are welcome J. I post "high res." for the details. So full size is available.
  11. Hi Folks, At "Le Bourget", "Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace. (iPhone pics) Enjoy ! Best, laurent.
  12. Another great build mate ! Choices made with great taste. Beautiful and very attractive display. I have built that "thing", i know lots of mojo is used into the building process. Big Up ! Laurent.
  13. They should indeed, i am going free-ride again...can't help it, i love the machines, not for what they were built for.
  14. Hi Thomas, thanks a lot ! for the tyres i surely would double-check too. But i have to stick to my storyboard...and it's a worn story-board. Yes they are majorly silver, but here i went for a "what-if" or "artistic licensed" or "have fun" project. (again) Cheers ! Laurent.
  15. Hi people, Latest update, main gear and rear wheel are on their way to completion. One of the two is completed and now time to finish the triplets. Weathering system is based on overlapping filters/washes/pigments. Bits of buffable silver "dry-brushing". Tamiya paints. Pics : Thanks for checking in, Cheers, Laurent.
  16. Hi. Thanks mate ! Latest pic is from a week or so... What is MIA pls ?
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