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  1. Grunhertz

    Takom 1/35 V2 Rocket

    Looks great jeroen
  2. Grunhertz

    Mig-9 LEM

    Very nice
  3. Grunhertz

    OS2U Kingfisher by Kitty Hawk

    Watching with interest
  4. Grunhertz

    Kitty Hawk F-5F by a clueless prop guy

    Great work Ernie
  5. Grunhertz

    Jug-gernaut P47D in NMF

    Lovely build
  6. Grunhertz

    CSM nieuport 17

  7. Grunhertz

    Takom 1/35 V2 Rocket

    Loving that jeroen
  8. Grunhertz

    RR Spey powered RAF Phantom conversion

    No more need be said. I am a kit assembler that is modelling
  9. Grunhertz

    Fokker pair

    Best sign me up for the LSMKC That is just
  10. Grunhertz

    Wingnut Wings DH2

    Great comments thanks all
  11. Grunhertz

    Hasegawa 1/32 Ju 87D-3, "T6+CT"

    Lovely job
  12. Grunhertz

    B-25J "Fatso"

    Lovely work
  13. Grunhertz

    Wingnut Wings DH2

    A bit more progress this weekend The nacelle is just about done. I will add the compass cover later in the build. It's painted in what WNW call DH2 grey (tamiya Xf66) and is ready to put to one side. I have also done the engine this weekend it was painted aluminium on the crank case. With Gunze metal colour steel on the cylinders. At the base of the cylinders I lightly sprayed metallic blue. I used fine electrical wire for the plug leads.
  14. Grunhertz

    Dragon Bf 110 C-7

    This is awesome work nice one