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  1. Thanks guys I have built it and have the pilots grandson buying it from me I'll dig out some pics later and it is a beautiful build I used a mixture of bobs buckles and radu buckles with prym line
  2. What the actual?????? I thought that was a warp
  3. The SH tempest is like most SH kits you need to understand it rather than build it. It's not Tamiya or Hasegawa. But the surface detail and resin to my mind makes it a fantastic kit. Its a kit that demands you think it through. I saw one magazine build where the author cut the bottom off the interior detail to make it fit, not needed it's all about the build up of the undercarriage bays then it fits like a glove. The nose is a bit bigger than the fuselage again easily sorted but you just need to think about it. I would certainly build another.
  4. Sol works with Cartograf pretty well but the trick is don't play with em let things settle on their own
  5. I know what you mean, I'm sure jeroen will make it look brilliant though.
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