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  1. Spectacular! What did you use for the wood panel effect?
  2. I first visited Aberdeen Proving Grounds’ armor museum when I was 9 years old in the 1970s. Over the years, I visited several times. In 1994 and 1995 after I’d gotten back into tank modeling, I took many reference photographs. Right after visiting in 1994, I bought Tamiya’s 1978 release of the Type 1 SPG as I’d shot 15-20 detail shots of the APG example and was keen on building it. 23 years later, I finally found my old photos as well as the time and motivation to build it and settled on finishing it like it appeared at Aberdeen in the 1990s when I took the photos. The kit was built “Old School” only with parts and techniques available in the 70s. Much of the interior was scratchbuilt.
  3. My WNW E.1 just arrived yesterday from their 10th Anniv sale. Watching this space for sure!
  4. I started a Bronco A13 and never got back to it either for some reason.
  5. Another beautifully-done build. Inspirational for sure.
  6. I’ve had a few much more complex (that means “slow build”) projects working over the past few months. Every now and again, I need to do a simple kit to keep motivated. The Italeri Autoblinda AB40 armored car is a very quick build-less than a month to build and finish, but even with the low parts count, it looks good. I added gun barrels from brass tube and some parts from the Eduard PE set. Wheels are Royal Models’ Sahariana tires.
  7. I am new to 1/32 WW1 a/c (I built 1/32 WW2 a/c as a kid and for a couple of years when I returned to modeling in 1990), but as a lifelong fan of these early planes, have recently picked up some WW kits. I purchased a beautiful Rexx exhaust that arrived today and found the Proper Plane site while looking for an Albatros exhaust. Your props look amazing and I’m ordering a set as soon as I get home!
  8. I have fond memories of that kit from the 70s and when I built another in the early 1990s when I first got back into modeling.
  9. Thanks! Like all Tamiya kits, an easy and quick build. I used Lifecolor paints for the main finish. Tracks are kit tracks (link and length) painted with Humbrol Gunmetal and buffed before weathering-they are darker in the photos than in real view. The complex engine deck looks ok, but compared to the AFV kits, it is less detailed and more simplified. The AFV Club kits are excellent.
  10. Tamiya’s newish Valentine is a nice kit overall-an easy build-but can use some detailing.
  11. Some more shots-had to figure out uploading...
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