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  1. is there a build log, Step-by-Step or a work in progress on this masterpiece?
  2. Can you describe how you do your washes and scratches in detail? thanks
  3. Bevan The finished model looks fantastic! Is there anyway to get the WIP pictures in order to learn from the master! Phenominal work Sir. Best wishes.
  4. You stated "Despite being painted in a late war scheme, Yellow 5 had an older style spinner. No spiral or white segment, just overall blackgreen RLM71. I used the Testor's 71 which seemed a bit too light, so I added a few drops of black to the mix. Once it was dry, I used a very fine section of stretched sprue to add some silver scratches to the blades and the spinner." Can you describe how you used the Sprue and what paint you used? Thanks
  5. Well done - and you are definitely a speed builder! Bravo and Excellent work
  6. I really would love to see all the photos in the article. From what I have seen, Beven Does fantastic work!!!! Thanks
  7. Is there any way to see these photos. All the photos in the article are gone! Thanks and Best Wishes
  8. Love the T-2! I will be watching this one!
  9. No Instructions! WOW! I would love to see a Cookie! Maybe chocolate ;-). I am really looking forward to getting one of these kits. Thanks for letting us follow along.
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