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  1. This is the ordinary Revell 1:32 kit. I only added PE seatbelts from Eduard and scratch made brake hoses. Decals and painting scheme is from the kit. Painted mostly with Vallejo. This aircraft # 680718 was flown by Otfried Baisch who died in it, after being shot down by P51D Mustang. Video from the build in on my YT channel: I will gladly read what you think, and any suggestion what I can improve are welcome.
  2. Hi Friends, I know the subject is hackneyed, as this is another Spitfire, but I hope at least some of you can waste few minutes, and let me know what you think. It is OOB build of the Revell 1:32 kit. Spitfire Mk. IXc. Keep safe!! Greetings from Poland!
  3. Thank you, for good words, welcome, and your inspiring story of this build. The topic and your approach show how great this hobby may be. How much we can learn. That is amazing.
  4. Wow. Looks amazing. Is this model from the Revell kit 04665? I build it recently OOB, with no modification. Compares to yours it looks boring
  5. I'm speachless. This is an amazing piece of art!! Congrats.
  6. Hello, I'm new to the group, this is my latest build, I hope you will like it. Comments and suggestions more than welcome. Cheers!
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