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  1. I know, the worst was in Guadalajara, very impatient drivers... The autopistas are better than British motorways, at least they get repaired, and there are Green Angel patrols, in case of breakdowns! In Mexico City, we drove, in ,parked, and took buses or Metro...
  2. Yep, in 3 months , I only managed 6 of the 31 states in Mexico, but I loved my time there..
  3. Bienvenidos Rodolfo! Donde resides en Mexico?
  4. I reckon my supplier will offer it for around £99.00
  5. Looks like all your stuff is gone too..
  6. can these be adapted for either Tamiya/ ZM?
  7. same here..... it's a pain in the arse...
  8. Rene of Mr Paint, many thanks ! Arrived Thursday , nicely packed , I ordered Sunday, packed and tracked Monday!
  9. My second order is on it's way, direct from MR Paint, as the Uk supplier never has any in, and NEVER answered my emails...
  10. Try Barracuda... I have their 1/24 stuff for the Airfix Typhoon
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