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  1. Be careful with the colors. The -47 was built in Farmingdale NY P-47 -RE, Evansville IN P-47 -RA and in Buffalo NY P-47G-CU. Republic build -REs and RAs. Curtiss built CUs. All three used different interior colors, from almost yellow to almost onrange on the airframe interior. The cockpits also used different interior greens. Curtiss built -47s are the easiest as they used more or less the standard interior green and yellow. Evansville and Farmingdale is a whole different deal, since colors changed with the different versions of the -47. The first thing you need to determine is who manufactured the original -47 you are planning to build. I will find some literature to inform myself a bit better and to share with you later today.
  2. Gentleman, Does anybody have a decal set for the US NAVY Adversary/Top Gun Douglas A-4? Either new or leftovers will do, I’ll trade or buy. Thank you.
  3. I applaud your comment. This hobby requires some level of skill and effort. The perfect model does not exist and never will. Sadly, we modelers, have become too picky when it comes to building flawed model kits and I think is because we lack of the necessary skills or simply we are too lazy. I invite modelers to leave the “inaccurate” models alone. Most of the people bashing the HB B-24 don’t even owe one.
  4. I am immensely proud. I was born in Guatemala and seeing a fellow military “Chapin” fills my heart of joy. I have 48 cousins on my father’s side and only three of us served in the military. My cousin, Maj. Orlando Dubon Moino was a Guatemalan AF helicopter pilot (Killed in a crash, 1993). Another cousin, Col. Mynor Pazos Dubon is a Guatemalan Army officer and I am a Chief Warrant Officer 2 helicopter pilot in the US Army.
  5. Well, just look at the dimensions displayed in the Supposed HK box, 594mm in length and 555mm wingspan. The Tamiya Phantom J version is 555fmm in length and the wingspan is 368mm.
  6. Your build is about the most original, outstanding, creative and ingenious I have ever seen. I think Jeroen and you drink from the same fountain. Guys like you make me want to quit the hobby! Paulo
  7. Hello, If you are interested, I have the fisher set and I did not used it. Let me know if you want it.
  8. Thanks! To be fair, two of those days were my day off and the wife and kids did go somewhere, Therefore the score: "honey do list" ......0 "Tony"....................10
  9. Day 6 (with three months of nothing in between). Back to the Tony. As you have seen, it is a nice and easy kit to build quickly. So many things have happened to these past months that if I recount them you probably won't believe me. please enjoy.
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