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  1. WOW!!! Your paintwork is stunning!!!!!
  2. Ooooh, dis gunn be good!!!!
  3. Oh Dis gunn be good.
  4. I just stumbled on the build thread last night and finished it this morning, which led me here. Looks great, I have the 1C version begging to be built and this thread makes me want to start it even more.
  5. Man!!!!! The weathering really brings the Panzer to life.
  6. Is this the Dragon kit? I just ordered one for the stash. I was watching Age Of Tanks on Netflix and got the bug to add one.
  7. Great build but every time I see the picture of the girl in chains I get offended, I am going to report this thread but perhaps I should look again to make sure I'm not over reacting......hmmmm, jury is still out...I best go have another look and maybe just zoom in a bit to REALLY make sure I'm offended.
  8. Dang, that cockpit, is that after market or scratch built? *EDIT* Looking more closely at the pics I see its a mix of scratch and kit parts.
  9. Nice, looking forward to this one.
  10. Jeeze Oh Pete!!!! You could almost live in there.
  11. Yup, I have a few builds in progress to finish before it, but I'll definitely post a WIP when I start it.
  12. Thanks John, Someone over on Large Scale Planes said they had one for me. I sent him a PM a few days ago with my address but have yet to get a response to it. I'll give it a week or so to show up. If it falls through I may hit you up if you don't mind
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