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Cleared the bench and decided to crack open the ZM Hs129b2 box. 

I have a cover plate of the fuel level meter. This device was inside the fuel tank.

And i have a plate from the only surviving cockpit. This happened to be a B2.

the B2/ R3 version with the mk101 cannon was more rare than the B2 with the mk103 cannon. The Africa scheme does not appeal to me. Rather go for a winter scheme. We’ll see!

I have the One Man Army masks and ordered the Quinta studio upgrade.E4049B6E-4204-4F99-B5BB-07EBBAC567C1.jpeg215C8621-4D88-4EA6-AEB4-D93FB9E0291E.jpeg



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Recieved the TRex winterketten for the Kettenradkraft. 

Also found a spare mk103 barrel from the Ho229 as I intend to build a B2.


The Quinta set is lovely but i won’t use the seatbelts. I will use these HGW seatbelts from the Ho229.


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1 hour ago, DocRob said:

Nice start Jeroen, the engines look great. You know, there is a 1/32 Kettenkrad out there from Zoukei Mura?

1/32 Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad | Products | ZOUKEI-MURA (zoukeimura.co.jp)

Cheers Rob

Thnx, yes i do. Also by Dragon and Das Werk. But i prefer Tamiya, since more aftermarket is available. I ordered the extensive Voyager PE set :)

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