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Takom MK IV Male tank 1/35 question.

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I have the same kit in stash and saw the flimsy construction of the track links. I haven't build the kit yet, but decided to go aftermarket for the tracks. Takom has a set available, where you click together the one piece track links which are already removed from the sprue. I clicked two together easily, without breaking the parts and the connection seems stable. There are ejector marks on the inside, but that's not a problem with the MK. IV

Cheers Rob



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Paul, yes I’ve built this......D32E8BDF-AAB0-4656-B7B7-F7919ACC5E56.thumb.jpeg.6698e89bfedb627a23568a5a3ca5688a.jpeg7D41BAFD-C01C-4058-B5FC-17AA9616A119.thumb.jpeg.6140f5140159d11b93aa78ff793367f6.jpeg

and I to after 2 hours tipped all the tracks in the bin. Absolutely impossible to build and make look like anything decent. I bought these and that’s what you see......Masterclub MC135132CL


They snap together and are resin, still have to be careful but they are a single link per.......hope it helps......

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