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Hey guys, just wanted to make a long overdue check in.  Still alive and kicking but not quite 100%.  I haven't been modeling at all for the past year.  I've had escalating issues with pain and numbness in my right arm that has made things like holding an airbrush or even typing on a keyboard extremely painful.  The doctors have finally narrowed the cause down to three herniated discs in my neck which are exerting pressure on the nerves in my arm and causing the problem.  They've presented a few options but surgery is really the only permanent fix.  Not looking forward to it but if I get my normal life back it will be worth it.

Secondly, my Dad, fellow modeler and mentor, passed away over the summer.  We used have long conversations on models, what's new, what paint are you using, etc.  It just doesn't seem the same without him.  I imagine at some point the mojo will return but for now I'm not feeling it.  Anyway, hope all is well with all of you.  I'll make an effort to check in more often and maybe seeing all the great stuff you guys do will help restore the will to get back to the bench.  Take care and stay safe!

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 Welcome back Buddy...

It was certainly an eventful year for you. So sorry to hear about Jerry's passing, but comforting to know that at least you got to see him again that last time.

All pain takes time to deal with... Fix what you can, work through what you can't. He's hoping you find comfort in all the unresolved things in life, and bounce back even better than before.

Take care, Guwapong Lalaki!

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wow............. I have no room to complain...... first off I am very sorry to hear of your dad, please accept my sincerest condolences for your loss......although surgery may not be a fun thing, but chronic pain is no fun at all, under any circumstances and I do hope you can get on the list as soon as possible. I am glad you checked in and hope you do often as this is good place to come as you well know for some good well needed support......

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