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1/32 Ki-61 Tony 'Mustang Jepang' Indonesian War of Independence


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Shiney, but it won't be like this for long. Next up is the camouflage which I'll probably do with IJA green. The aluminium colour is Humbrol metal coate 27001. It's a little patchy but you won't see it after weathering and matt coats etc.





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What happens when I go nuts with an airbrush. I put myself in the shoes of some Japanese mechanic told to go and paint a few aircraft out on the airfield with whatever green paint he had laying around. Just have to paint the black antiglare panel infront of the windscreen and the yellow leading edge identification stripes.





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Weathering now, my favourite. To work the gunze paint back I used normal household window cleaner (Windex) on a cotton bud and paper towel. Rub some windex on the surface, wait 20 seconds then start wiping or dabbing it off, taking paint with it. I'll seal it all in with a gloss coat next.





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