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Peterpools is coming home!


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Hey Peter,

It’s great to hear your feeling better, surviving Chemotherapy, and feeling motivated to get back on to the bench! That’s always a very encouraging sign. I look forward to seeing your wonderful skills applied to the Sufa. 

Stay safe, keep well, and please extend my regards to Diane.



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Thanks Guys. since coming back and starting to build again, both my physical and mental outlook and progress has been so much more positive. A few of the side effects from the chemo were walking issues and the use of my hands for: not shaking but unable to build or use an airbrush. Since starting the Sufa a few weeks ago, not only am I walking better but I've regained the use of my hands and steadiness. I actually did some air brushing yesterday, which two weeks ago, I was completely incapable of doing.  

I'm just about done making my paint booth  and this coming week will start posting my build thread. Just taking a while to remember how to do a build thread and post photos. I'm getting there and almost back in the s addle.

I have all my friend to gratefully thank for helping me through this trying and scary time.



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