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The time has come...new shop on the way and daughter on the way out!


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After almost a year of discussions, watching the market in our area, looking at home, convincing the wife we don’t need a “weekend place” due to no time for maintaining two properties, paying tax on two places and we need to just pony up for a relocation place.  Today we signed a contract on a lake home! 
This place has a huge finished basement with a wall of windows where I can set up my bench with a view and finally have a true ventilation system that exhaust the fumes out of a window now.  

I am having to downsize a few things though. I’m passing on to my son some of my automotive tools like my shop press and engine hoist that take up a lot of real estate.  Also discussed with her about just leaving the 60 gallon air compressor and air lines with the hose reel setup as well.  New place has a deep one car garage, or should I say, one boat garage.  I’ll just get a small 30 gallon compressor since most of my tools are all battery powered now anyway.  

Probably going to wait until this fall for another big Ford auction with Mecum and have my son take the ‘66 GT Fastback to see what it can bring.  The last one he went to in January cars built close to mine were bringing over 6 figures.  Putting that on the mortgage will help get the wife across the retirement finish line quicker as well.  
Time to start packing up the stash, the tools and toys and get ready for the move! 

...Oh, and in other news, our youngest daughter got engaged this weekend too!  She’s shooting for a December wedding, in the mountains.   I don’t think she has given much thought to the weather patterns in the mountains in December. 

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