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  1. Phil I did it as part of a Battle of Britain group build. Search and Rescue role, they used to fly over the channel and drop dinghies for downed aircrew. I would have to check which squadron it was. My memory is shocking! Cheers Kev
  2. I built the Lysander last year Phil, very nice kit indeed. I would recommend dry fitting the canopy and wing components numerous times to get a good idea of how it all fits together. That was the weakest point in my build as I followed the instructions religiously. Bad move. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers Kev
  3. Typical, just spent ages tracking everything down separately :-) Always the way! Still missing a British Officer with a flat peaked cap but am sure will get one somewhere! Cheers Kev
  4. Definitely Belushi as the figures are based on the later film version. I also have the Miniart US Tank Crew set and will use figures from there, instead of that one. Cheers Kev
  5. This came today, to go alongside my Miniart M3 Lee Lulubelle from the film Sahara. Had to order from the Ukraine but came very quickly. Cheers Kev
  6. New work space looks great, and super kit to try it out, it's huge! Looking very good! Cheers Kev
  7. Only just caught up, making great progress, another nice looking kit from a manufacturer I have not used before. Cheers Kev
  8. Thanks for sharing your methods Kai, all of this rework is going to pay off with an outstanding finish, I am in awe. Cheers Kev
  9. Phil that is looking very promising, I have not tried a rfm kit, for the money that is a lot of plastic, do you mind me asking where you got it? Thanks for the tip about Gorilla glue, I bought some and finding it very good to use. Cheers Kev
  10. Very nice work! I especially like the weathering and rust track on the hull. Cheers Kev
  11. Great work on the cockpit, good idea to add the strength tabs to the nose as well. Cheers Kev
  12. That's a cracking Centurion, always one of my favourite tanks! I will have to get one for my stash I think! Cheers Kev
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