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  1. Brilliant job Phil, that is a lot of PE, great job, looking fantastic!
  2. Not a quick enough builder Phil, will be lucky to finish what I am doing Cheers Kev
  3. Birthday, next week, so the kids got me these between them. I am enjoying the Universal Carrier and Six Pounder albeit very slowly so thought I would continue down the armour route for now.
  4. It was me who won it mate, sorry!! Nah only joking, i don't bid on there for the same reason, too many snipers, snatching at the last minute!
  5. Assembling the rockets lol but testing for duds is a new game to play lol
  6. Fantastic work so far Ron, very inspiring as I have one to build too. Have you seen these figures from Barracuda?
  7. Congratulations to you both, it's great to see all the time and effort being rewarded, stunning levels of modelling here!
  8. I am with Phil and the Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster, I still remember drooling over a built up one in the local model store when I was around 15, 40 odd years ago!
  9. Hope you have a great time Martin, there are bound to be bits that are not so good, grit your teeth through those and the good times will outweigh the bad! Cheers Kev
  10. After watching a few vids on Youtube, i carried on with a bit more of the diorama. I am learning lots whilst doing it too. Very enjoyable so far. Still lots to do, but it's starting to look like a bombed out building, which is what I'm aming for. Cheers Kev
  11. Just a quick mock up, feel a lot better about the fit now. Both Tamiya kits, yet the gun parts need an awful lot of seam scraping but the carrier appears much less. Positions not concrete as yet. Cheers Kev
  12. The gun went together fairly quickly and no real problems. I did have to use the seam tool quite a bit though as a fair few seam lines. The front plate is just dry fit at moment and a lot of the detail parts are to be fitted. I wanted an idea of the size so I can work the base out. It's a bit bigger than I thought it would be, but no worries :-) Next step is to build the carrier to a point where i get an estimate of the size. The diorama may end up with just the gun and crew. Cheers Kev
  13. Very well done Carl! Cheers Kev
  14. Stunning example. One of the best NMF finishes I have seen, thank you for sharing your method. Cheers Kev
  15. Very nice Gaz, lovely model Cheers Kev
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