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  1. My Revell Lynx has stalled for now, to reignite my mojo I am going to build these I have got everything washed and primed so good to go. I also have a few after market goodies on the way. Debating with the jeep as to Africa or European theatre. Cheers Kev
  2. This is just a whole new level of detail! Fantastic efforts! Cheers Kev
  3. I was going to say A6, good choice :-) cheers Kev
  4. This is my next attempt. Revell 1/32 Westland Lynx Mk.8 The soundproof blanket detail on the kit was very one dimensional so I made my own from some lightwieght air dry clay used vechicle repair mesh to get the pattern and tamyia tape. I am well pleased with the result and it should look well, painted. The interior floor of the rear cabin is plywood with none slip effect. here I have used a very fine grain sand on PVA and painted. Again as it comes together hopefully will look the part. Cheers Kev
  5. Wow fantastic finish! Very impressive! Cheers Kev
  6. Looking forward to this build Ernie!
  7. Hope this helps https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION%5B%5D=All&q=airbus+a330* Cheers Kev
  8. Look after yourself Dale, look forward to your return, when you are ready. Cheers Kev
  9. Fantastic work area Harv. that system looks the business! Cheers Kev
  10. In this video flow retarder and flow improver are mixed with Alcohol and water for a homebrew thinner. I have got the ingredients, hope to try this weekend. Cheers Kev
  11. Can't believe i've just seen this Phil, fantastic weathering mate, love the chipping, very well done and very realistic. Cheers Kev
  12. Those belts are insane! Fantastic job. Cheers Kev
  13. Looks very robust Harv, making a great job! Cheers Kev
  14. Hi here is my finished universal carrier. Cheers Kev
  15. Fantastic work! Loving the display base! Cheers Kev
  16. Latest arrivals here I have always liked the Lynx, yet another retired A/C. And speaking of retired A/C my other new arrival Have been a fan ever since reading Flight of the Intruder years ago, movie is not bad either. My first Hobby Boss kit so looking forward to the build.The lynx first though I think. Cheers Kev
  17. Thanks very much guys. @GusMac The house was built from foam card, first time I have used it, very easy to use though. I used a thin smear of Polyfilla to get the texture. Matchsticks and lollipop sticks for the roof with tiles made from Das. First attempt at a dio in over 30 years so quite pleased at how it turned out in the end. Cheers Kev
  18. Managed to get this finished just in time for the end of the group build, that fact impresses me :-) Really enjoyed the build, learnt a lot as always. Quite glad to finish though. Need to work on photography next. Cheers Kev
  19. Fantastic detailing work! Very impressed, love your ingenuity at making the model parts match the real parts! Cheers Kev
  20. I agree with all the above sentiments, this forum is friendly, informative, inspiring, inclusive and a joy to visit. Long may it continue! Happy new year! Cheers Kev
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