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The antagonist: Vietnamese MIG-21 from Trumpeter kit in 1:32

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Some time after I built my Phantom model, I thought it was a good idea to build one bird from the other side and I started my MIG-21 project.

A little bit of history taken from: “MiG 21 units of the Vietnam War”

January 2, 1967, in the skys over Noi Bai, Nord-Vietnam, at least five MiG-21 succumbed to the fire from 8th TFW Phantoms leaded by major Robin Olds.

This unexpected loss was a terrible blow for the NVA 921 Fighter Group, including future NVA aces Vu Ngoc Dinh and Nguyen Van Coc who survived ejecting themselves.

Speaking of the model itself, in addition to the Trumpeter kit, I used: True Detail Seat, Print Scale decals, Begemot stencils and Eduard Brassin AIM-9B to replicate AA-2-Atoll missiles.

These are a few photos of the complete model and some from the w.i.p.

24-DSCN2777 res.jpg

25-DSCN2781 res.jpg

26-DSCN2778 res.jpg

27-DSCN2783 res.jpg

28-DSCN2784 res.jpg

29-DSCN2786 res.jpg

30-DSCN2787 res.jpg





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2 hours ago, Kaireckstadt said:

Awesome model Alberto!

Which paint did you use for the BMF?

How did you do the red knob on the stick? Looks like the real thing!

Beautiful attention to detail! 

Honestly I don't remember how I did the red knob, probably I used a toothpick dipped in red paint. About NMF I used an Italian brand,  Kustom Service:  https://www.kustomservice.com/it/18-modellismo

With those acrylic paints the technique to obtain good variations in NMF is to paint the model with different colours: white, grey and black different portions of the model and then spray all-over with aluminium or other metallic. 

An example taken from different model, before and after:




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