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Afrika Korps Panzer


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The title of this is "A Brief Respite". I built it on commission for a friend who fell in love with the earlier Panzers while stationed in Germany. It depicts the crew taking a break while re-arming after a skirmish of some sort. I tried to mix as many different variations of the German desert/tropical uniform as I could. Since I was a soldier myself, I know how resourceful they can be at times.





Here's another view. You'll have to forgive my lack of photography skills, as all I was attempting to do was document my work prior to delivery. It wasn't until recently I started to pay attention to my photos. One of the things I pride myself in, whenever I sell a diorama, is that I offer free repair. That's one of the reasons I would take the pics. I knew my semi-functioning mind would NEVER remember all the details! 



That's all for today, as I'm about to sign off. I'll post more when I can. The dioramas I've built, so far, (and I have pics of them all), is an M551 Sheridan, an M4 Sherman & M5 Stuart combined Cassino diorama, and an M151A1 Jeep & M706 Commando combined diorama. All my armor is in 1/35, and my aircraft are in 1/32. Sadly, I haven't finished any aircraft dioramas yet, due to my recovery, but soon, very soon, I should have my Spitfire done. I also have a 1/48th Me109 dio I used as a test bed for a technique, but that's hardly large scale. Unless you get really, really close to it!


Thanks for looking!

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Thanks for all the kind words! :)  I've just recently started to actually view my models and dioramas as 3 dimensional form of art, which is why aircraft are a challenge for me, as they're out of their element on the ground. However, I have a few ideas rattling around in my skull, so we'll see how that works. As you'll see, most of my enjoyment comes from adding as much detail as possible, which means tons of research. Thankfully, I have a job that allows me to surf the net quite a bit, so I turn into a sponge! I also love to talk to those who may have actually used the equipment. This allows me to find the subtle nuances that make them realistic.


As for my train layout, once I'm able to reclaim my garage, I'll be starting to build the framework. Hopefully by fall. :huh:

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That is really nice,.......very believable too apart from the large Squirrel,......only kidding! I`m not really into German armour but I do like this one a lot,...well done,



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