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Japanese Destroyer "Yukikaze" Lt.Crusier "Yahagi" 1/350


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Ships OK? I think that is how I found the forum from Chuck visiting MSW.

I have a fascination with the lines of the JNF's and through that interest started building more of there planes and the Allied planes of the PTO.So what I have here are two Hase kits in 1/350 scale to which I spent about a month on each one.The Yukikaze.........








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I like them both, nice work, I never built any ships except for a wooden one, but I like to see, if my eyesight is sufficient for PE-orgies in 1/350 scale, that's why I have a destroyer kit and the Queen Elisabeth in stash and if that fails, I can always switch to the 1/35 Italeri Vosper :D.

Keep the ships coming, I 'd like to see more ship-WIP's here, to learn, how it's done.

Cheers Rob

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