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PCM Hawker Tempest V

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The prop has been saved. I had to file the chord of the roots and put all blades on a short plastic rod to get them

to sit a bit higher up the spinner. Looks much better. With prop on the Tempest looks huge.

Painting time next.


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The Tempest has been given a thin coat of aluminium to represent the aluminium skinning. This will be

Polished and coated with clear to seal it. This will be followed by the camouflage. Here and there

The paint will be worn away to expose some aluminium as on the real thing ( I hope).

But it's a start.




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  • 5 months later...

Wow, last post in december. Time flies. This build has not been

Easy. I had problems getting the camo masked off. It did not work freehand

Airbrushing. So it was put aside after applying another grey coat ( the third).

Yesterday we had a builders meeting where Luuk Boerman from Dutch Decal

Brought his Tempest to see. This gave me the desperately needed inspiration

To try again. And it was succesful the pattern has been masked ready for

The green coat. I am happy.





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Crappy pic time, something I am famous for.

I want the Tempest to look well used, so started experimenting with a

Sanding sponge. This gave the grey and green a scruffy look.

Not very apparent in the pic though, but it looks nice. In one of

The previous pics in this thread you can see that I gave it an

Aluminium coat. This shines nicely through here and there at the

Leading edge. It's all George' ( PH- GEO) fault as he always has good advice how to

experiment. Thanks George.

Also a massive underbleed on the fuselage band. that serves me from using dodgy tape.

Will correct that tomorrow.




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A bit better pics this time.

The part invasion stripes have been masked and painted. As I want a scruffy look

I used a brush, mistakes were welcome. The anti slip areas on the wingroots were

Painted as well and later sanded to create wear. The inner wing oiltanks get some

Extensive wear so these were weathered a bit more than the area around them.

Next is a coat of clear and then the decals. It will be a Volkel based one, I

Always like a Dutch theme in my builds if possible. Only last week five bombs were found

At the airfield During construction work. WW2 is still present.





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Thanks chaps,

This shows how unpredictable modelling is. This kit had been on my shelf of doom since december. A bit of inspiration and

the whole thing moves forward light a runaway train. Hopefully the decals can go on tomorrow. A coat of clear is on todays



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I like the way this is coming out and I agree with you there is something about dragging something off the bin pile and finishing it and they always seem to come out great and leaving you wondering why they were in that pile in the first place, great work.

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These plakmiddagen (modelling sessions) Erik mentions are great to get new inspiration for stalled projects.

I had the Spit 21 with me and did some major work on it and as a bonus the renewed interest in the Tempest.

With this tempo it can be finished withing a few weeks.

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Another update,

What a week. The Cartograf decals are on and they did beautifully.

Set and Sol are doing their stuff at the moment. Tomorrow just

The stencils to be done.

It's alive, alive!




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Hi Ralph,

Yes I do. After decalling I spray another coat to seal them in.

The Cartograf decals are a bit thick but work beautifully. Only

One application of Set and Sol and everything pulled down

Nicely into the panellines. Only the stencils to go today.

Bit of weathering, Flory washes, props, canopy ( difficult fit)

Undercart and it will be finished in a week hopefully.

Despite some fit problems PCM's Tempest is a great kit.


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The finishline is in sight ( but not quite) . Undercarriage legs are on. The many

Parts such as wheeldoors, wheels, bits and pieces are painted. A lot of weathering

Is still needed. Not to mention fitting the canopy.

Wheels are by Barracuda Studios, and far superior than the kit ones.





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Nearly there,

The prop and canopy will be done after a Flory wash and a matt coat.

The fit of the undercart is vague, as are the instructions. Will be glad

When this one is finished.




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