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Tasca 1/24 Pz. Kpfw.II Ausf. F

Dave J

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So here is my attempt at ground target... Tasca's 1/24 Panzer II... This is all new to me so any comments tips will be very welcomed!




I have just been sticking the 108 odd individual track links together over the last couple of days and some of the Hull has been glued together....




Just ordered the Aber Barrel set for it... May stick a couple of figures with it too!


Not having any reference on this subject... what kind of Stowage could be throwing at this? I am looking to order some of the Tasca 24th Jerry cans...

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Mmmmm Dave ... I've never seriously looked at a scale larger than 1/35 for armour so I don't know if there is anything cast available.


But to answer your question ... pretty much anything and everything can get chucked on for stowage ... Jerry cans were 'caged' on rear or side decks - or strapped to the top or sides of the turret in some cases ... any variety of odds and ends were stashed around the hull while in transit - from spare track links to personal items (tents, bedrolls etc) - which is why the 'Rommel-bins' came into vogue (to help clear the 'personal' clutter) ... 


A  whole bunch of variants had bins installed - which is why I went chasing a 1/35 AM one (rare as hen's teeth though!!) ... which makes me wonder if there even is one available for a 1/24??? ... another Idea - helmets on hooks?


Best to start (like I did) by chasing photos of Pz.II's operating in the theater of operations that you wish to depict, I would think?!



Rog :)

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