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Immelmann's Fokker E.III 246/16

Dave J

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I have been wanting to build one of these for a while now so... why not add another project on to the wip list!


Cockpit is pretty much done.. Just have to do the rigging and control lines and the fuse can be closed up.. To speed things up I will will be just building straight from the box!



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Playing around with an spare cowl to get the turned finish.. I started off spraying Mr Color #8 Silver as the base and then Citadel Chinmail was then brushed on..




Internal side walls are all painted up and weathered... Tamiya RLM Grey was used and then to weather all AK Engine Grime on the Metal area and OIF & OEF Streaking Effects on the Fabric




And all button up, time to tackle seams!



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Been hitting the seams with some Mr Surfacer 500...




I had to reapply it a few times but the at least it dries reasonable quick!




The rear inserts are tricky to tidy up but a little bit of work they look pretty good!




Cockpit area has been masked off with Tamiya tape and the painting has started using Tamiya RLM Grey...




First Coat and decals have been applied, I have been using Mr Color GXIII Clear lately and I love the stuff! Dry fast and really hard!




Close up of the Compass in the wing, colours picked of with Vallejo Gun Metal and Black




I must admit the Endecker kit's are pretty cool and build up pretty fast.. I think I was working on this everyday, it would of been finished by now.

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So I've been on a bit of a roll the last couple of days... Engine has been built up and painted and weathered..


I used Mr Color 8 Silver with a few drops of black to darken it up. Once dry, it had a black oil wash to make all the details pop. Then AK Interactive Oil Stains was airbrushed over the engine to give it that freshly used look.








turned finish applied using the method posted on WNW Website.



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So I have been pulling finger to get this done before the New Year.... And I am calling it DONE! I just need to add the fuel filler at the rear of the cockpit... but I can't find it, so a replacement will be called for..


More pics soon...



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