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Hobbycraft Sea Fury - Hawker Company demonstrator G-AKRY

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thanks guys - very kind of you to drop in and leave me pearls of inspiration :)

..still edging towards the finish - sorted out a few more bits & bobs...

..I got a little more done on getting the cowl panels sorted out - the real aircraft has quite distinctive staining on the inside face of the panels where they closely cowl the cylinder heads - it's a sort of diamond shape...


..I tried making a mask from tape and adding some strip spacers at the back, but this didn't really work, so I cut it from thin card... also added some stencilling....


..bad pic, but here is a shot of the home mix being sprayed on...


..seemed to work out ok..


..then really abused them...


..and dry fit to check how it looks...



..then masked up the walkways on the wings....


..and weathered them by chipping the edges with a blade and then using wet micro mesh to just ease some of the rivet detail through the paint...


..also masked up the interior of the canopy and gave it a blast...


..still needs cleaning & detailing, but getting there...


..lastly masked out the part of the fuselage spine that is under the canopy, up to and including the canvas sealing strip...


..need to clean some of the dirt wash off, but again with some gentle 'stressing' it is starting to look used & dusty...



...and all of it together...


..still more to do, so she is not done yet :ninja:



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evening folks..


it's been a while so I thought I had better drop in with a little update..


..this is more about what remains to be done, rather than what has been done, although small progress has been made. I have been distractingly busy in the real world lately - so trying to add the finishing touches and get G-AKRY into the RFI section coolio.gif


..got the U/C doors finished and have part built the jacks to mount them..




..added some rather crass weathering (hey, I am still learning..) but then looking at the original the streaking is a bit dirty & random so I guess it passes..


....also this is where the gear doors will mount..




..added the oil streaks found on the gear doors - I really need to master the 'Haggo' way of doing things..




..I need to add the rudder - it's finished but I keep knocking it off! so for now it is one of those final placement things..




..have also worked out the cowl panel mounts - can't really see it here, but when fitted the hinge points and retaining cable all fit in this space..




..I carelessly dipped the canopy in hot water to widen it for a better fit...... it turned white in my hands and a significant nervous breakdown was only avoided by re-dipping in future (miracle juice..) which thankfully restored clarity....   that said, there is a nasty kink in the lower frame now so I need to re-skin it..




...so, after all that the old girl is not quite finished, but then there is not far to go now, and I know what I need to do...




..onwards & upwards..


..I just need to avoid natural distractions like working on airscale's next little sojourn into 1/24 aftermarket modelling heaven...




..who would have thought we would have a Tiffie to play with thumbsup.gif




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