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Land of the Pharoahs


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Hi Friends, I've just returned from Roma, Queensland.  The wife and I took a road-trip to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  Here in Australia, the attractions for the tourist are a little different.  Paris has the Eifel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe...  among others.  St. Pete has the Hermitage.  Belgium has Waterloo.   And the Land of the Pharoahs has the Pyramids and too many others to even start listing.


But we traveled to Roma in Outback Queensland.  Where a big attraction is Roma's largest Bottle Tree.  The base is around 9.5 Meters across.  So, here is a picture of me in front of another great Aussie Icon.


now...   if this isn't thrilling enough for you, Queensland has other great sites like the Giant Pineapple ... 

...or if you prefer architecture, Brisbane has a few bridges and other stuff.

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