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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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Finished this one a couple of weeks ago- what an amazing kit!  I never cared much for the P-51D until I built this kit- what an amazing piece of engineering.  Painted with Alclad aluminum and Tamiya acrylics, weathering done with oils.  I used HGW seatbelt hardware with straps cut from $1 bills, Barracuda resin tires, and an MV lens for the landing light.  Decals are from Eagle Editions.


Here's a link to the build thread, thanks for looking!








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Lovely work! I had a lot of fun with that kit too and yours came out a stunner.


Cheers, and thank you!  It was so much fun I want to start another one (or two) LOL.


Awesome Frank! Looking forward to the next project!


What did you use for all the oil staining?


Thanks Dave!  For all of the weathering I used oils- mostly raw umber, black, and red with some other shades here and there for variety.


Fantastic build, Frank.




Thank you Jamme, much appreciated!


Outstanding, as usual Frank!


Cheers Mike, and thank you!  Finishing up my big 109G-6 as we speak, so far it looks like paint scheme #3 is working out!

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Hi Frank, sensational build.  Looks fantastic.   Great idea for the harness straps.. I'll have to try that one. 


Thank you so much!  I like using the $1 straps- fold over themselves nicely and look pretty scale too.

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Awesome build Frank,


Dollar bill harness straps eh? Well I suppose that's one way to use the US dollar in a volatile market!




Indeed!  I like the fabric effect they give, and being a sort of fabric they are quite resistant to tearing.

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