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Happy Independence Day! From Weston, Tx, the oldest town in Collin County

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We took part in the Treason Day parade this year and here are a few pics from us and some friends.

Just an old time small town deep in the Heart of Texas. Actual real family values on display, was like going back in time 























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5 hours ago, GusMac said:

Looks like it was a great day.

Hotter than a 2 dollar pistol, but yep, turned out well.

I did have the Meteor boil over right at the end of the parade. I only keep an 8lb pressure cap on the radiator because I’d rather have it release than overpressure the old engine.  We got us a rather impressive cloud of steam out both sides of the hood.🤣. An unplanned stop, but these old cars don’t do well idling around for half an hour in 107 degree heat. They like to run and have air moving through the radiator. 
My 4yr old niece screamed when the release valve went. 🤣

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Hope it didn't do any damage but sounds like you've got it all thought out. Your niece looks like she was having a ball.

Coming from somewhere where the local temperature record is 72 degrees, 107 just sounds insane. I guess it's pretty humid with it.

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On 7/11/2022 at 5:58 PM, ScottsGT said:

Looks like a great time by all! But why’s that cowboy carrying around that Puerto Rico flag?   :stirthepot:  :rofl:

That’s the flag of the Republic of Texas, which we may become again very soon, if all this crap around us continues. 
Puerto Rico:



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I use to tease an old employee that had a Puerto Rican flag on his desk all the time.  I would ask what ties did he have to Texas or why the Texas flag.  Of course him being Puerto Rican, he would get a little hot under the collar.  But that was half the fun. 

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