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Suggestions needed..........( model for 9 year old ) (??)


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My grandson will turn 9 at Christmas, and he is chompin' at the bit to help "Papa" build a model...........well, my quandry is this -- he is kind of artistic, and does well with learning the tools, etc., but I think an armor kit may be a bit much. I'm leaning toward a plane kit, as that could be hung when done.

Is there a "Large Scale" plane kit ( i.e. -- HUGE ) :)  around that he might be able to handle with my help?? -- (two novices here, so the bigger and simpler the better). Also, good if I could get it online from the U.S. to save scary shipping cost. Also, not looking to spend the mortgage here, so.........................


Any suggestions gratefully accepted........................Jim J. -- "olfogey"

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Hi Jim,


Try the 1/48 EZ Snaps Pegasus kits. They look very good, are cheap and are also super simple to build. My boys have built a couple.

For a Large Scale Model you arrive at old Revell kits with the same sort of fit quite quickly. And a 1/48 aircraft is in the little hands of a 9-year old also quite big!!!






For instance...

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Right, got my grandson that Spitfire ( he's 5 yrs old ) and it has a sort of Lego-like assembly, in color as well.

Good stuff for a next generation modeler...


The Wings planes are also pretty neat, but at 1/100 scale... That's tiny.



............any idea where in the U.S. I might find these? Did a search @ "Sprue Bros.", but no luck. "Lots" of Airfix, but not those. (??)

Thanks..........Jim J. -- "olfogey"

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George & "Wingco57" --


Good news & bad news :(

I DID find them through the "Hornby" website in the U.S., but unfortunately, they are not out in the U.S. as yet.

They are currently available on the "Airfix" website in the UK, but I'm afraid the shipping would kill me............(lol)

The guy at "Hornby" tells me they are enroute, but not expected for five weeks or so - (too late for Christmas).


Has anyone in the U.S. bought from "Airfix" in the U.K. that can give me an idea what shipping costs might be??


This was a GREAT suggestion, as he's already "nuts" for Legos, and this will tickle him.

Going to get several, no matter how it pans out........................Jim J. -- "olfogey"

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There are also some models from 21st century. They are easy to make and look great ones done. And they are also in the right scale (1/32) ;)

And the advantage of a lorger scale is that everything is easier to paint and build.I believe/think you can get them at Wal-mart in the USA? 


Take a look here for some impressions.







I hope this will help.






I have found this site that discuss these kits.



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